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Llama Llama And The Bully Goat
by Anna Dewdney

my favorite!

Duck And Goose
by Tad Hills

love it. So silly and fun

If You Lived Here Houses Of The World
by Giles Laroche

Visit homes from around the world. See how different and alike we are the world over. We all want safety, security, and comfort.

Black Like Me
by John Howard Griffin

This book is very relevant to the current racial struggles in America, following a white journalist who lives through the African-American experience in the Jim-Crow South. Written as a series of journal entries, Black Like Me fully illustrates the horrors that black citizens experienced daily in the 1950s and 60s as well as the effects of the journey on the author, both emotionally and professionally. It is a must read for anyone looking to broaden their understanding of the role of race in American society.

Words In Deep Blue
by Cath Crowley

This book was fascinating to me. It discusses so many impactful topics. It makes you think about life, death, loss and love. Well written book that makes you consider life itself. Loved it.

Born A Crime
by Trevor Noah

This collection of stories about Trevor Noah's life growing up in a post-apartheid South Africa is filled with his trademark sparkling wit and provides both tear-jerking and truly thought-provoking moments. Some of the stories are not in chronological order which can make them difficult to follow at times, but the book overall is very enjoyable.

Jane Eyre
by Charlotte Bronte

The classic story of a quick-witted young woman who goes to work as a governess and finds both romance and mysterious secrets along the way.

Gift of Grace
by Amy Clipston Amish

Great book

Sundown Motel
by Simone St James

Slow to start for me but full of twists and ended great.

The Last Word
by Samantha Hastings

While this historical fiction book has a good romance and story, the author seemed to have trouble writing about the characters. Their banter and mannerisms seemed force at times and they all felt a little two dimensional to me. However the historical accuracy that the author put into this book was really great and very interesting to read about. She was really able to show how trapped women were in the 1800's. Plus, the main character's adventure to find the ending of her favorite book was a cute premise and kept me reading to the end.
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